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How it Works
While ELife caters to the specific needs of the HR domain, BApps is our enterprise-wide solution catering to the process automation and standardization needs of your company as a whole.

BApps is an ERP implementation solution where we implement customized enterprise-wide ERP systems, incorporate industry best practices, integrate systems with your existing infrastructure and, most importantly, work closely with you to ensure employee acceptance of the new systems.
Consultation and Implementation Combo
Although we work with systems, our approach is anything but mechanical. We don’t simply implement rigid ERP systems; we follow a scientific approach to implementation to ensure that you derive maximum value from the ERP solution.
Consultation   • Identify gaps in current processes that must be replaced with standardized    processes
• Identify unique processes that need to be customized and retained
Implementation   • Implement processes based on the consultation roadmap
• Ensure that industry best practices are adhered to at each stage and module
Flavours to Choose From
Although we are platform-neutral, we currently implement Ramco ERP systems at the enterprise level. As authorized partners of Salesforce.com, we offer solutions that cater exclusively to the needs of your sales team.

Employee Acceptance
What sets us apart is our ability to identify and address the “people” challenges involved in process automation. It is a proven fact that 50% of ERP implementations fail globally. As people experts, we believe that lack of user and employee acceptance and general human resistance to change are the primary reasons for such failures. Accordingly, we spend a lot of time working closely with you allaying fears, spreading awareness, simplifying processes and ensuring acceptance of the new systems among your employees.

Advantage Business Development
Our partnership with Salesforce.com enables us to equip your sales team with the best-in-class tools for business development, customer relationship management, order tracking, data analysis, sales funneling, and more – all made available to you at any time and from anywhere at no upfront cost.