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Employee Lifecycle Management for an MNC
The Client
  • Our client is a leading MNC in the automotives vertical.
  • The company employs more than 700 people in its Global Support and Development center based out of Chennai.
  • The management had already adopted India-specific HR processes that were aligned to their global standards.
  • While some of the HR activities were outsources to third party vendors, most of the work was done manually in-house.
  • The company had not invested in a HRIS system to manage and mine important information from their HR database.
Our Solution
  • ELife, our employee lifecycle management solution, was the obvious solution.
  • We developed and integrated a secure online portal that handled all HR activities ranging from offer letter generation to employee exit management and everything in between.
  • Activities that invariably require manual intervention / approval / verification were outsourced to and handled by our strong back office team.
  • Our Help Desk ensured smooth transition of processes into the online environment.
  • While most of the modules and interfaces of the portal are self explanatory, needing minimal training, our training team resolved employee queries and ensured complete user acceptance of the new processes.
  • Manual intervention and duplication of work was effectively done away with thus significantly reducing cost of operations and improving quality of work.
  • The high level of transparency in the online environment helped the management and employees communicate with each other easily and effectively.
  • The data mining and analytics modules provided the management with a powerful tool for employee management, MIS and reporting and strategic decision making.
ERP Implementation for a 70K- People - Strong MNC

The Client
  • The client is a leading HR solutions company offering recruitment and temporary staffing solutions to customers across various industry verticals.
  • The company was looking to automate their staffing, payroll and project management activities.
  • The company’s employees were deputed in various companies in various locations and cities catering to companies in various domains.
  • The company’s customers could choose from a range of pricing options and contracts– flat rate, percentage based, volume based or any combination thereof.
Our Solution
  • We developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) to implement Ramco’s ERP system. Key features included creation of multiple legal entities among several geographies, contract definition to handle different types of customer contracts and development of cost centers to track the customer contracts categorized on the basis of the industry vertical they served.
  • We also deployed an online employee lifecycle management portal that could be accessed by the company’s employees irrespective of their place of deputation.
  • After acceptance of PoC, we went on to implement the enterprise-wide ERP system.
  • The centralized system collated information from various centers and drastically reduced the need for manual reconciliation of numbers at the headquarters.
  • The management could easily track its resources, both people and money, based on various parameters – geographies, industry verticals, experience and personal profiles, customers, contract types, time duration, and so on.
  • Strong audit control and history features ensured strict audit and statutory compliance.
  • The online portal brought the employees and the management closer to each other. Employees were encouraged and empowered to use the self help modules to access and manage their personal information. The management could quickly communicate with their employees and reach out to them effectively.
Funds Tracking and Management for a Research Institution

The Client
  • Our client is a renowned 100-year old research institution of higher education holding the Deemed University status.
  • The institution receives funds and endowments from the Government, public institutions, and private organizations to conduct courses and research programs for scientists and technologists.
  • The client was looking to streamline their finance, payroll and accounting systems to reduce duplication of work and track usage of funds efficiently.
  • The institution received funds from several quarters which were in turn allocated to various departments and professors. It was becoming increasingly difficult to track the usage of these funds and provide regular reports to stakeholders on the status of their contributions.
  • Being a 100-year old institution, past data was stored in legacy applications that could not be dispensed with. Different departments used different solutions that were not integrated with each other.
  • Considering that the institution was affiliated to the Government, the payroll norms were complex – multiple pay-scales, pensions, LTC, benefits, reimbursements, scholarships, grants, and so on.
Our Solution
  • We recommended and implemented an ERP system that would integrate all finance, accounting and payroll activities. Project management, funds management, payroll, academic receipts, fixed deposits and budgeting were some of the key modules.
  • The ERP system was customized to work alongside legacy systems that could not be replaced.
  • User acceptance was a challenge. Our systems needed to be easy-to-use even for novice users. Our training programs ensured that members of both the management and the teaching staff were equipped to use the systems.
  • Reduced processing time, faster closure of books and greater accountability among professors and heads of departments.
  • Real time tracking of budget utilization; real-time report generation for all stakeholders; faster compliance with statutory submissions and returns.
  • The automated process for recovery of student fee from scholarship payroll reduced cost of recovery of defaulted payments.