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How it Works
ELife is a comprehensive service that addresses all phases of a typical employee lifecycle in an organization. From recruitment and on-boarding of new hires to managing employee exit, ELife handles all HR functions using a secure online portal that is available on-demand 24x7.
Full-Lifecycle Solution
ELife is a full-lifecycle solution that captures all aspects of employee management. ELife is akin to a centralized repository of all your employee data that can be easily reused by all your departments. The data is hosted on secure servers ensuring high availability and security. The hosted model also ensures that you can access your data anytime and from anywhere using a secure login.

In-Built Best Practices
Developed by experts in the HR domain, ELife has best practices built into its workflow. We record all relevant data at the right time and in the right format. The ELife workflow ensures that activities are scheduled in a scientific manner and not merely priority-driven to ensure that all relevant information is recorded at the right time and nothing is left for later.

Adding the “Human” Element
What sets apart Elife from other conventional solutions is our strong back-office support. With ELife, you are not “talking” only to machines; our support staff is always only a phone call away. Our back office is manned by efficient and helpful staff to ensure that your employees’ queries are resolved quickly and to their satisfaction.