Name Permanently affiliated to Bangalore University
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The distinctive characteristics of the institution are very clearly reflected in the Mission statement. Empowerment of women and holistic development through academic excellence and value based education at an affordable fee to the students of less privileged sections of the society. The institution is a temple of learning accepting indiscriminately less privileged students and making them the strong pillars of the society with good attitude, human values and commitment to social justice. This holistic development of the students is achieved through the activities of various clubs and committees.
sports Students who excel in sports are extended all encouragement and support. Our Students have tournaments participated in various Inter University competitions at the state and National level Throw ball with great success, bringing laurels to the institution. The college hosts Inter Collegiate Competitions to build a strong sportive spirit.

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    National Service Scheme
The college has a NSS unit affiliated to Bangalore University. The mission of the unit is to bring in social awareness among the students so that they can meaningfully participate in community development activities.

The social value with practical knowledge is provided for the students by our NSS unit. The social responsibility is inculcated in our students through their active participation in social work such as organizing blood donation camps, visits to crisis like tsunami. The annual camp conducted by NSS unit provides a platform for the students to be ecofriendly, to imbibe leadership qualities and co-operative living.

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The College Magazine    
The College publishes an annual literary number, 'Sougandhi', to nurture the literary talents of its young writers and artists.
    Soft Skills Training Program
(a) Language Development Program

To refine the soft skills of the students, management financed Language Development Program and Soft Skills Training Program is provided for the students before the commencement of the every Avery academic year.

(a) Personality Development Programs

Personality Development Programs like 'Sadguna Sadhana' helps the students in broadening their views and thoughts, inculcating human values and learning to relate and deal with others. The students are also encouraged to participate in the personality development program 'Hanathe' organized by volunteer organization Vivekahmasa.
  Cultural and co-curricular Activities
  sports The Students Union, with student representatives engages actively in conducting programmes of cultural as well as social importance throughout the academic year. The students have regularly participated in many inter collegiate competitions and have won prizes. It also conducts Eye check up and Blood Donation Camps.

The students are continuously encouraged to participate in essay competitions, debate, quiz, elocution (both collegiate and intercollegiate) seminars,workshops,guest lectures, field visits, personality development programs, club activities to develop a competitive spirit by the Students' Union Forum


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Yoga and meditation- Pathanjali club
Yoga and meditation classes conducted by the Pathanjali club after the class hours not only caters to the physical and spiritual needs of the students but also provides tips on the physical and spiritual needs of the students but also provides tips on Health care and spiritual for Arogya.

Koushalya club
The embroidery, doll making classes also contributes in adding new dimension to the personality development through the Koushalya club.

Jagruti club
Enlightening students on Women's rights, Legal rights are done by the Jagruti club contributing to the empowerment of our students.

Sneha club
Sneha club plays a vital role in helping the needy and interested students to earn while they learn.

    Alumni Association

An Alumni Association has been formed to involve past students in the developmental activities so that they can share their practical knowledge and experience in shaping the present generation.


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Holistic Development    

Prominence is given to personality development, which forms the core of the learning process.  With this objective in view one day workshop is being conducted for all the freshers as a part of their induction programme.  Besides, soft skill programme are also conducted, so that the students can better equip themselves to face the challenges of the present day world.

    Academic Excellence

Every attention is given to those who excel in their studies.  For the purpose of those who require special training, additional remedial classes are being conducted with notable success.  The stipulations laid down by UGC in this regard are being followed in its true spirit so that the weaker sections of the society be benefitted in a tangible way.

Remedial and Special Coaching Classes are conducted to coach the slow learners and to train the advanced learners in specified areas.