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Fit a double curtain rod. Hang a more simple, toned-in silk blind on the back rod. There are any number of ways to drape the saree creatively over the front rod for dramatic effect
Use the body of the saree for blinds with the borders on two sides. Often the Pallu can be split to make dramatic panels at the bottom of two blinds and the blinds tied in a way that allows these panels to be seen even when the blinds are folded
A couple of years ago a client came to us with grandma's beautiful wedding saree which, with age and use, had split in a few places. We lined the usable fabric, borders and Pallu to strengthen them and made a quilted bedcover for a newly-arrived grandchild. That was a wonderful way of preserving and passing on a precious saree with a new lease of life
Similarly a saree with the skilful addition of some matching silk can be made into a Double quilted bedcover to suit even a King-size bed and the Pallu can turn into a couple of cushions
Last but not least use a saree to make a Divan/ Sofa throw, two bolsters and three cushions. You may need to add some matching silk for a larger Divan or extra cushions and to use the motifs creatively. Kantha embroidered sarees are brilliant for this application
Prices for transforming sarees would depend on the complexity of the design.
However, to give you an idea of costs, we could turn your saree and matching silk into a quilted bedcover and two cushions for around Rs. 7,000, including a poly lining, the polyfill and cushion pads.
Do please get in touch by telephone or email and we’ll be happy to talk about your requirements.