In old Bangalore, a tailor would walk down your street with a sewing machine on his shoulder and call out “Verandah Tailor”; you called him in and he would sit on your verandah and make whatever you wanted, even turning cuffs and collars on old favourite shirts and blouses to give them new life. Now we can offer you the same personal service for your home, slightly updated !!

We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom-made Window Blinds and Curtains, Bedcovers, Throws and Cushions, particularly in silk. The fabric is always the customer’s choice, but we will gladly advise and help you to source exactly what you are looking for to match your colour schemes. The advantage of being a small outfit enables us to give you a much more personal service, bringing individuality and design to your blinds making the best use of colour, texture and the wonderful fabrics available in Bangalore. We visit your site to take measurements and give you detailed estimates of fabrication costs and fabric quantities as per your design requirements.

The blinds can be lined with fine Bamboo Chik and Kora (Calico); the Chik lining gives Roman blinds attractive sculpted folds. The blinds can be permutations and combinations of Fabric, Bamboo Chik, with contrasting borders and specific details on highlight-panels. There are a variety of styles to suit every application, including Sheer blinds and Double blinds, the latter having a sheer blind and a solid lined blind fitted together, but which work independently. These are particularly useful in bedrooms as the sheer blind provides daytime privacy. We also do blinds with dark linings to keep out the early morning sun, if that’s what you prefer,or for TV rooms.

We can customise your blinds, quilted bedcovers and cushions with hand-painting on silk or hand embroidery, with designs to suit your decor. We also offer high quality hand block printing on any item. We source quality screen-printed cotton from a fabric house in Kolkata, who are happy to switch designs and colours to suit you.

We also make a range of dressy Silk bags and Tote bags in interesting weaves, big enough to carry your laptop.

So many people have beautiful sarees tucked away in a cupboard that they are never going to wear again. Why not let us transform them into a very individual blind or bedcover for your home? Any suitable window can be turned into a focal point of your room. There are usually 5 or 5.5 metres of fabric to play with, including an elaborate Pallu and borders and there are a number of alternatives.

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