TRANS-WTP – Water Treatment Plant

Using a reverse osmosis system for a layout level or apartment level might not be practical; hence a Water Treatment Plant can be designed and custom built depending on the feed water quality. The general Water Treatment Plant would be atleast 3 stages; sometimes more stages could be required depending on the feed water quality.

Stage 1: Amiad Filtration System:
Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter / Iron Removal Filter / Fluoride Removal Filter
Stage 3: Water Conditioners / Water Softeners


  1. 1) Borewell Water treatment
  2. 2) Tertiary Waste Water Recycling systems


Rate of Flow 1.5 m3 /hr to 50 m3/hr
Vessel - Type Feed Water Turbidity
Filtration level 5 Micron to 400 Micron
Dimensions Depending on Rate of Flow
Stages 2 / 3 / 4 or Custom designed
Feed Water Turbidity < 5 NTU