Membrane Material Hydrophilic Modified PAN
Membrane Configuration Inside- Out Filtration
Fibre Size 1.1 mm
Nominal Membrane Area 10.68m2
Cartridge Housing Dimension Diameter 6 Inch X Length 40 Inch
Cartridge Weight 20 Kg
Operating Temperature < 50 Degree
Operating Pressure < 5 Bar (Feed), < 5 Bar (Backflush)
pH Range 3 – 9
Flow Rate 1 m3 /hr
Trans Ultra Filteration System

  1. 1) Bacterial Removal of Bore-well Water or Municipal Water.
  2. 2) Heavy Turbidity Reduction.

Individual houses, Villas, schools, hospitals, Industries can have bacteria free water overhead tank level. Multiple modules can be combined for higher rate of flow requirements.

When water is fairly good RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems are not needed as it would waste lots of water, UF systems would have very little waste water but provides bacteria free water.