TRANSRevO – adopts Reverse Osmosis technology with high performance and dependable PA (polyamide) membranes. When there is a requirement for very high quality water or high TDS reduction, Bacteria, Virus, Salts, Heavy metals removal from the feed water TRANSRevO would be the apt solution.

Pre-Treatment UF / Amiad / Conventional
Membrane Hosing FRP or SS Housing
Membrane High Recovery
pH Range 2 – 12
Temperature < 45 Degree
Salt Rejection Greater than 95%
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite PA membranes
Flow Rate 250 lts / hr to 100000 Lts / hr



  1. 1) Bottled Water Quality Drinking Water
  2. 2) Removal of Heavy metals
  3. 3) Final stage for the Recovery of Waste Water