TransWaters have been serving Industries for very specific Water Quality requirement. For example a PCB (Printed circuit Board) industry / Research institute would needs water with high resistivity or very low conductivity for their washing facility. Buying water at this high grade is almost impossible because of possible contamination while storing and transporting; hence an in-house TransWaters demineralization or EDI (Electro-deionization) systems can be used to get high purity water from the feed borewell or municipal water.


Treated Water Parameters Value
Resistivity at 25 C 10 to 15 M Ohms
Bacteria < 1 CFU / ml
Bacteria Endotoxin < 0.005 EU / ml
Particles Ultra Filter
Flow Rate 50 Lts/ hr  – 10000 Lts/hr
MB Ion- Exchange Polisher Pack Yes
UV System Yes
Recirculation Yes
Digital Resistivity Meter Yes

TransWaters also deals with various filtration media.


Some of the products we supply to Commercial Entities are as follows:

  1. 1) Packaged Drinking Water System and Setup.
  2. 2) Ultra Pure – RODM System.
  3. 3) De-Mineralization System for various capacities starting from 10 m3/day.
  4. 4) Effluent Treatment Plants for various capacities starting from 10 m3 /.
  5. 5) Effluent Recycling Plants.