Type of Residential Requirement Solution Products
Water Treatment Plant for the apartment / layout / villa Reduces the turbidity of the Water, removes Organic Contaminants, Softened or Conditions the Water. Filtration upto 100 Micron is achieved. Custom designed Water Treatment systems can also be designed and supplied.
Sewage Water Treatment Plant for the layout, apartment Suggested depending on the Volume and Quality of Water Desired. Recovery of 75% to 95% is achieved with various technologies.
Generally Dusts particles and suspended particles to be removed. All the dust particles upto 100 Micron level can be removed.
Bacterial Contaminated water, safety against the incoming water contamination. Unclear water with high turbidity. Complete Bactria Removal and Further Disinfection of the incoming water using ozone or UV system.
Water is very hard and has to be chemically treated and resulting water to be chemically soft. The hardness level in the water chemically comes down. The water would be very soft and forms more lather with soap.
Water is very hard and we want to have benefits of soft water without chemicals and maintenance The Water is Conditioned with all benefits of Soft water but No chemical reduction in hardness and environment friendly option for Water Softener.
Reducing bad odor in the water, reduction of total organic compounds, reducing Chlorine from water. Most of the Total Organic Compounds and chlorine in the incoming water is removed and as a result of above the bad odor would have gone.
The water is yellowish in colour due to high Iron from the input water. The iron would precipitate inside the system and the resulting water would have a heavy reduction in the iron.
Reducing Fluoride or Arsenic Fluoride level or Arsenic Level is reduced / removed depending on the feed water.
Reverse Osmosis for the apartment / Layout for Drinking Water Supply to the entire Layout The water quality would be a bottled water quality.
Recycle of Grey Water (Water from Kitchen and  Bathroom) for re-use for all purpose. Conventional Treatment systems and Ultra Filtration systems can recycle the grey water with high filtration efficiency.