Industrial Products


Commercial Complexes, Textile Industries, Pharma Industries, Steel Industries, other manufacturing Industries need water treatment solutions for specific Water Quality. Example Boilers need good quality water which does not form Scales, Cooling Towers and Pharma need high quality Dematerialized water for their application. At TransWater we designed and supplied industries specific Water Treatment System for their desired Water Quality requirement.

Schools, Hostel, Colleges and Commercial complexes can have their Incoming water being treated before distribution and can also have a Sewage Treatment plant for their buildings. Reverse Osmosis systems are being used by almost all of the educational institutions to provide high quality drinking water to their Students and Staffs.

TRANSWaters manufactures products for Industry specific applications. Industries require different grades of Pure H2O for their process, laboratories in School, Colleges, independent national and international research laboratories need high grade water.

Type of Residential Requirement Solution Products
Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant Depending on The effluent water Characteristics, systems are designed and supplied.

Demierlized Water High Quality Water with TDS < 1 ppm
Ultra Pure Water Very high Quality of Water as per STM Standards

Reverse Osmosis System for Cooling Towers / Pre-Filtration to EDI systems Bottled Water Quality with heavy reduction from the Input TDS Value