TRANS-WTP – Water Treatment Plant


Rate of Flow 1.5 m3 /hr to 50 m3/hr
Vessel - Type Feed Water Turbidity
Filtration level 5 Micron to 400 Micron
Dimensions Depending on Rate of Flow
Stages 2 / 3 / 4 or Custom designed
Feed Water Turbidity < 5 NTU

Amiad Filtration Systems


Filter Type 3/4 - 3 Inch Model
Inlet/ Outlet Diameter 3/4 - 3 Inch Model
Maximum Flow 1.5 m3/hr to 50 m3/hr
Maximum Pressure 120 psi
Maximum Temp. 60 Degree
Filtration degree Upto 100 Micron
Housing and Lid Polyacetal
Screen Mesh or Disc

Black Water or Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)


Configuration Modified PAN Hollow Fibre
Operation Process Dead-End Filtration
Recovery 80-90%
Operating Pressure < 5 psi (feed), < 14 Psi (Backflush)
Product Turbidity < 1 NTU
Flow rate Minimum 30 m3/ day

Trans EDI-(Electro Deionization)


Treated Water Parameters Value
Resistivity at 25 C 10 to 15 M Ohms
Bacteria < 1 CFU / ml
Bacteria Endotoxin < 0.005 EU / ml
Particles Ultra Filter
Flow Rate 50 Lts/ hr  – 10000 Lts/hr
MB Ion- Exchange Polisher Pack Yes
UV System Yes
Recirculation Yes
Digital Resistivity Meter Yes



Membrane Material Hydrophilic Modified PAN
Membrane Configuration Inside- Out Filtration
Fibre Size 1.1 mm
Nominal Membrane Area 10.68m2
Cartridge Housing Dimension Diameter 6 Inch X Length 40 Inch
Cartridge Weight 20 Kg
Operating Temperature < 50 Degree
Operating Pressure < 5 Bar (Feed), < 5 Bar (Backflush)
pH Range 3 – 9
Flow Rate 1 m3 /hr



Treatment method Up Flow
Maximum Working pressure 3 kg/cm2
Minimum working pressure 1.0 kg/cm2
Pre-Filter 100 Micron
Temperature Range 41  F to 149 F  /  5 – 65 Degree Celsius
PH Range 6.0 to 9.0
Chlorine No greater than 3ppm
Iron No greater than  .4ppm
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) No greater than .5ppm
Manganese No greater than 0.05 ppm
Oil Must be removed prior to be  used with the media
Polyphosphates Must be removed prior to be  used with Media
General Life Span of the media 3-4 years



Pre-Treatment UF / Amiad / Conventional
Membrane Hosing FRP or SS Housing
Membrane High Recovery
pH Range 2 – 12
Temperature < 45 Degree
Salt Rejection Greater than 95%
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite PA membranes
Flow Rate 250 lts / hr to 100000 Lts / hr



pH of Feed Water Greater than 6.5
Pre-Filter 100 Micron Mesh or 5 / 10 Micron Cartridge
Vessel MSFRP (Mild Steel with FRP lining)/ FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic)
Back Wash Required
Chemical Regeneration Not Required
Organic Matter BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) < 3 ppm
Oil and Grease in Feed Water To be removed prior to treatment
Rate of Flow 0.5 m3/ hr to 50 m3 / hr
Dimensions Depending on Rate of Flow


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 Govindan - Mentor Director




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Company Profile

TransWater System Private Limited formerly known as Blorebuy focuses on providing its customers the best and economical Water treatment solutions with least Environmental impact. Most of our products are NSF61, DVGW certified. Our Water Conditioner can also claim LEED points for not wasting water, space and approved by U.S. Green Building society.

We at TransWaters have clearly understood the need for quality water in every field. Our name implies transforming any quality of feed water to any desired water quality. We feel responsible to provide solutions which are most economical and as environment friendly as possible. We believe in keeping water as natural as possible with all non-desirable properties removed or reduced to desirable levels depending on the application or requirement.