Amiad Filtration Systems:

The purpose of this Filtration system is to remove dusts / Silts and particles upto 100 Micron, these are Imported Mesh type filters

Technical Specification:

Filter Type 3/4 – 3 Inch Model
Inlet / Outlet Diameter ¾  Inch – 2 Inch
Maximum Flow 1.5 m3/hr to 50 m3/hr
Maximum Pressure 120 psi
Maximum Temp. 60 Degree 
Filtration degree Upto 100 Micron
Housing and Lid Polyacetal
Screen Mesh or Disc

Amiad used as Rain Water Harvesting Filter



This product has its application from individual houses to Industries. When there is requirement of filtration upto 100 Micron these filters are the best option. These are the economical and technical replacement for Pressure Sand Filters and designed for high TSS removal.