About Us

TransWaters Private Limited formerly known as Blorebuy focuses on providing its customers the best and economical Water treatment solutions with least Environmental impact. Our products are NSF61, some of our products are DVGW certified. Our Water Conditioner can also claim LEED points for not wasting water, space and approved by U.S. Green Building society.

We at TransWaters have clearly understood the need for quality water in every field. Our name implies transforming any quality of feed water to any desired water quality. We feel responsible to provide solutions which are most economical and as environment friendly as possible. We believe in keeping water as natural as possible with all non-desirable properties removed or reduced to desirable levels depending on the application or requirement.

"TransWaters have partnered with Aqua Purification Systems and working with Next Filtration Technologies (USA), Mann + Hummel for varieties of solutions."