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1 . Where are Pebbles used ?

Pebbles are used: 1. On variety of Landscaping Projects. 2. Decorative borders. 3. Used as decoration in aquarium and water features. 4.Decorative ground cover. 5.Pathway material surrounding stone or pavers.

2 . What are Pebbles ?

Pebbles are rounded or partially rounded rock or mineral fragment between 20 mm to 75 mm. These are rounded or flattened by thumbling machines or by flow of water.

3 . What are Tumbled Pebbles ?

Tumbled pebbles are Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble Quartz. Rocks tumbled in tumbling machines to give them a round and smooth shape.

4 . What are Natural River Pebbles ?

Pebbles which are found along the river bed of the river. These pebbles are found running through sand deposits and are usually in oval & flat shape.

5 . What are Polished Pebbles ?

Polished Pebbles are Semi-Pricious rocks tumbled to a round shape and chemically treated to give a Glass-finish shine on them.
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33 Pebble Mosaic Medallion
Being a market leader in sourcing Pebbles from different parts of India, Turkey and Indonesia, Tile Italia is today the most respected brand in the country. Quality products, rich selection of colours
2 Pebble Mosaic Medallion
Diameter: 91,5cm - 0,7m² - ~ 32kg Height: 2,5cm
Pebble Mosaic Medallion
Diameter: 91,5cm - 0,7m² - ~ 32kg Height: 2,5cm