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School Activities

Student Participation : Our aim is to have a hundred percent student participation; this is to develop the student’s oratory skills, physical skills, mental skills and creative skills and to build up their confidence. The cultural programme put up for the Annual Day and the Sports Festival. An Art display board, Science Exhibition gives every student a platform to exhibit their skills and work

Excursions And Field Trips : Regular trips are arranged for students to visit Museums, Art Galleries, Exhibitions and places of Historical, Cultural, and Scientific interest. Adventure Camps expeditions for the higher classes and excursions to wild life sanctuaries are scheduled

Special Days And Hobby Days : A wide range of co-curricular activities are made available to the students to ensure their wholesome all round development. Their hobbies are incorporated into the academics where they have opportunity to discover and develop their talents

Music : Music and Singing are an integral part of the School’s life. Regular music classes give everyone the chance to take part in music together. There are opportunities to perform stage performances, competitions shows & will be there throughout the year. Drama is a growing aspect of school's life and students are encouraged to participate. Students learn a lot through singing and the value of music is emphasized right from the Kindergarten class

Physical Education :We provide ample sports opportunities at every stage of child’s life. Physical education activities such as Basketball, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Handball, Throw-ball, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Chess, Carom, Athletics and Swimming are generally enjoyed by every student. These activities not only improve the physical and mental abilities but also develop the personality and confidence of the child. These are often conducted as Inter house competition

Awards : All students are encouraged to take part in Curricular and Co-curricular activities. Those excelling in these activities will be given due recognition through Awards, Certificates and Medals. Students excelling in academics and sports will have their names on the notice boards

House System : To provide adequate care to the students, the School has adopted a house system. A captain and a Vice - Captain for each house will be elected through a democratic procedure. They will be assisted by Assistant Captains in the Primary Section who are elected by the Primary students. Healthy competition and team spirit between the Houses is developed in Inter – House games, sports, debates, dramatics, music, quiz and other co-curricular activities will be conducted

Health : Health and health care are given high weight age at the school level. The school conducts regular general medical inspection by qualified doctors/surgeons. We approach Government district hospital during emergency
Bulletins related to health are prepared by the school and related issues are distributed to the students and parents. In several cases, eye and hearing disabilities were first diagnosed in school and this was much appreciated by the parents. As per the CBSE Health policy, a Health Club has been implemented at each level. Our Staff is trained in giving First Aid

Kindergarten : Kindergarten is the first step where the child is introduced to reading, writing and recall procedures. Letters and numerals are taught, learning of rhymes take place, writing skills are gradually developed. Other psychomotor skills and social traits are also developed.
The child develops a certain level of confidence while learning with his / her peers. The school environment appears to be more conducive and the child feels acclimatized to his / her environment. More words are added to his / her vocabulary and short sentences are added to the learning. The child starts learning simple mathematical operations. Towards the end of KG II, the child also starts learning Hindi and writing patterns

Primary Level (I To V) :At the primary stage the child acquires a certain level of maturity in learning habits. The Syllabus includes English, Hindi, Kannada (STD III onwards) Mathematics, Science, Environmental Education; Computers & GK is added to the curriculum. Music, Art & Craft, Physical Health & Education, Library and co curricular activities occupy a prominent place in the school’s programme

Middle Level (VI To VIII) : This is the transition stage to the high school students. The gradation of syllabus is retained conveniently without losing the learning outcomes. The co-curricular activities acquire an even more vigorous and team nature. The standard examination system is followed. We have incorporated a 9 point scale for converting percentage into letter grades. These are awarded after rank-ordering the students in the class
Evaluation is done regularly through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation’ completely integrated with the process of teaching and learning, covering both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread over the total span of instructional time during an academic year, on the basis of including assessment of performance in co-curricular subjects, assignments, projects / practical work. Grading system is emphasized at all levels, socially useful productive work and hobby classes are included. All other activities mentioned in the Primary Level are retained at a higher degree