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Life at School

The school is a” miniature society” a social institution to serve the purpose of the community. It’s sole aim is to prepare the children for the challenges of tomorrow, to enrich their knowledge. To mould their behaviour, to motivate them with creativity.

Why people choose Kumadvathi Residential Central School?
Among the most clearly defined the reasons as follows:
    1. A strong academic focus
    2. Rich and varied art and cultural programme
    3. Variety in sports and games activities
    4. A chance to form positive and lovely friendship
    5. Highly talented and approachable staff
    6. Firm expectation of discipline, dress and behaviour
    7. Wide opportunities for students to grow
    8. A very good unpolluted environment
    9. A team of disciplined and dedicated management body
    10. An International standard infra-structure
The subjects offered are
- English as the first Language
- Kannada and Hindi as Second Language
- Hindi and Kannada as Third Language

- Mathematics
- Social Studies and Computer Science
- General Science
Apart from these we have Drawing, Karate, Dance, and Music as Co-curricular activities.
The Morning Assembly
The morning assembly is an essential beginning of the day and is attended by all students and staff members. This serves as a platform for prayer, news reading, to convey all important announcements and give motivation and encouragement to staff and students.
The Morning Assembly is compulsory for all the students. Keeping the solemnity of the occasion, proper decorum must be maintained at the Assembly.