Guidelines to Parents

  • Hostel stay is available for the students from 5th standard and above

  • Parents are allowed to meet their wards in the hostel once in a month i.e., every second Sunday of the month. In case of emergency, prior permission has to be sought from the Principal.

  • Parents are informed to wait in the visitorsí room to meet their wards in the school or in the hostel. They are not allowed to enter classroom or inside the hostel or school premises

  • Parents are informed not to give cash or valuables to their wards. They can deposit it in the studentís bank account.

  • Telephone calls are allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays. No Telephone calls will be connected to children during class hours

  • The year plan is supplied to the parents in advance.Do not insist your wards to attend functions. The vacation schedule should be strictly followed

  • Parents should seek prior permission of the principal in writing to get leave for their wards

  • Parents are not allowed to either stay in the hostel or take their wards outside to stay during their visit