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For whom and how you will be transformed

This KRIYA can be done by anybody and for all purposes. Only one aspects has to be looked into since the ‘feeling of Emotions’ would be understood in a better sense generally above 21 years of age, the discourse of Emotional Values would be more pro active and enabling. Hence everybody and anybody above the age of 21years can avail of Practising this ‘KRIYA’.

This Kriya will bring out the best in terms of attitude towards the inner understanding of one’s own strength of Emotional Values after a period of time. The course is for about 15 sessions of one hour each every day continuously. The outcome of this exercise will energise your body, mind and spirit. This is an initial course and later on Advanced Courses for those who want it. This particular Course is to “Initiate” One into the EMOTIONAL Evaluation of ONE OWN SELF to begin with.

Regular practice continuously under constant guidance by the GURU will enable a person to reach the state of ecstasy of living life to the full.

These will bring in changes from a meek and indecisive person to a bold and decisive individual under all circumstances without being scared of failures or losses. It helps in being disciplined, bold, courageous, dynamic, a dramatist and above all understand the Emotional Values that ONE possess and HOW TO USE THAT TO MAKE HIS/HER LIFE MORE USEFUL FOR HIM SELF/HERSELF and for OTHERS. To Share joy of living with others. To Stand Out in whichever group or situation one is in. Willing to speak frankly and honestly at any given point of time and everywhere. Always willing to accept responsibilities for failures and successes. Be a Go Getter Adjusting to and accepting all situations in life on a day to day basis. Above all make everyone happy by being happy, content, and spread positive energy and Strong Emotions only.

GURUJI Sri Rajagajaindra stays in the Village Bylakuppe in the Midst of the Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries near Kushalnagar Coorg in a quiet place and is available there for the teachings. He has also imbibed quite a lot of Buddhist Meditation and Practises living among them for 20 years along with his Tibetan wife. He is also available in Bengaluru at Indiranagar. His mission of life is spreading the message of a Strong Emotional Values for Peaceful understanding of Oneself and by understanding Oneself it would be easier to understand and evaluate others - specially in a very volatile and aggressive world, where everyone wants to achieve their ends by any means – disturbing peace and tranquility of everyday life.

Sri Rajagajaindra is available on 9886630156 (between 10am to 7pm)
email : rajagajaindra@gmail.com

Contact Kritinae Gnana Sangama in Bengaluru
Shilpa G, 12/35, Udani Layout, Cambridge Road, Halasuru, Bengaluru -560008.
Mob: 09242499584

Contact person at Bylakuppe
Anjali  at Bylakuppe, Kushalnagar, Coorg, Karnataka.
Mob: 09739828803

Email: kritinae@selfdefinition.in or info@selfdefinition.in


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