Kritinae Gnana Sangama

Meaning  –  The confluence of creative knowledge - is the mission with a clear vision.

To enhance the vision one has to sharpen the thought process. A young mind is always creative but the conflicts are too many and the vision is subjected to many emotional challenges and very often leading to confounded confusion within oneself. Hence we have to to strengthen the Emotional Values which will face that test.
At Kritinae Gnana Sangama - the main focus is strengthening the emotional values - through a series of exercises - using the inbuilt spiritual quotient, the core energy within to surface at critical junctures so that the optimisation of the intelligence quotient can be displayed. One's life and lifestyle are built on the emotional values at every moment of day to day life.

In the present pattern of life 'the meaning of self 'undergoes tremendous turbulence and in the bargain, one starts doubting oneself and the purpose of life gets lost in the din. At Kritinae Gnana Sangama we invade the perception of general thoughts and seek the SELF within us and we can 'define' who we are, what we should be and how to react to situations at that moment of delivery of the thought into expression and action. We are the master of our own perceptions as all thoughts and impact comes from within, which defines we ourselves are a part of the creation and the Creator is within us.

Sri Rajagajaindra has evolved through a series of incidences and interactions over more than 45 years of practical experiences by the Power of Prayers and Mental Exercises and various other Spiritual Exercises in search of the CORE ENERGY that causes the LIFE FORMATION and ACTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS in our lives and by which we are identified and the Relative Impact we FACE once we grow up as an adult.

This has lead into defining and redefining the perception that as we are part of the earth with all its elements and the creations around us - what defines us as a superior being and being the most sophisticated machinery which performs such tasks - it is emotions and emotions alone and there is a pure science in its performance. Hence, the art of understanding the self has a science too.

As most of us are lost due to the protective nature of being brought up - to awaken from that slumber and to invoke once again being part of the natural elements of the Earth - "SCIENCE OF EMOTING IN LIFE FORMATION" will go through a series of exercises physical mental and spiritual will DEFINE ONESELF.

We have on the whole, through the grind of evolving, lost our inner self and we suffer instead of living up and enabling the Emotional Values to enjoy and live that " ONESELF". The joy of finding intense life is left to Emotions and Emotions alone.!!!
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