The Training or Mentoring is meant for anyone above 22/23 years and who understands the facts of living a life in full. There are various duration of these courses starting from One month to One year. For Entrepreneurs who want a full fledged course under Gurukul - they can opt for One Year Residential Training - where the Guru Shishya tradition is strictly followed. This would be total transformation. There are short term Training of One, Two and Three months and as all these are Residential Courses away from the city the selection would be how each one according to their convenience wants it.

There are those who need a deep sense of evaluation of their emotions and how to lead a life of satisfaction within the limits of their own turbulences. Passing out students from Engineering, Failed Individual Entrepreneur, Managers
who face severe competitions in their fields and in their offices, Parents who have problems in bringing up their children, specially Women who have multi tasking to do and CEOs, COOs, etc .

We are talking about Mentoring in the Gurukul Tradition and here each one is directly dealt by the Mentor or Guru. Individual Attention is paid to each personís emotional and intelligence status and how their core energy - the spirit - should be used.

There will be several rounds of interactions and one to ones before one can be enrolled.

Apart from these there are 2/3 days transformation Courses to unwind oneself in the serene surroundings away from the humdrum of other thoughts. These will be organised as and when a group of around 30 people are formed. These are mostly for very busy Management officials who cannot give more time and for couples who need a different sound byte.

I was just a housewife 4 yrs ago. Now am managing the Institute called KIIT Academy, Computer Training Institute of software and hardware at Kushalnagar.
B.S.Gangamma. Executive Director.