The basic meaning is 'EMOTIONAL EXERCISE'. Each one of us are born of emotional union and the emotions vary at that moment and the values of it cannot be gauged by any meter. I strongly believe that the Emotional Values released constructs and shapes the formation of Life after birth and that is the CORE ENERGY or The SPIRIT WHICH makes us what we become as a grownup. This DEFINES the person and the personage. This Emotional bond from the time of conceiving the embryo through the process of developing inside the womb undergoes tremendous Emotional Experiences Exigencies Eternal Interactions and Extreme Conditioning according to the internal Emotional Reactions of the Mother and the External pressures pulls and exercises and experiences of the others in that particular environment. There is a whole lot of SCIENCE in the whole processes.

We even though are aware of so many factors but in the period of growing up being groomed and the throes of day to day grind of life totally become negligent to the concept of this core of life processes. The parents who are responsible for the upbringing of this new life throw a massive cordon of conditionality that this being grows up in that particular minefield of protectionism or depression or negligence or rather indifferent to attitude of many issues. Hence as this Being grows up and becomes a recognized Adult He She does not know that Core Energy of their life are those accumulated properties of the Emotional Values exercised during those years - only that the Values accumulated are Strong or Weak, Active or Passive and how we face the day to day incidences with regard to health work and relationships - does that bring joy or sorrow , enjoyment or depression, ecstasy or frustration, failures or achievements . Success in life is how one handles and manages these very moments of tests and what each one undergoes Emotionally. AND MIND IT - SATISFACTION, HAPPINESS, ANGER, FRUSTRATION ARE ALL EMOTIONS COMING FROM WITHIN YOUR CORE ENERGY. If that core energy is weak then life becomes miserable with problems unsolved and frustration towards life and everything around. If the same energy is strong then one faces life with much more positivity and makes life more enjoyable and successful.

Based on these factors and years of experiences and through rigorous Prayers, exercises, meditation and practices a compact and energizing exercise combining body mind and the spirit has come into existence. It is a '30 minutes "BHAAVVA KRIYA"


It is Guru based training for a period of 15 days of ONE HOUR. After the training it is only 30 minutes Practice by Individuals early in the morning on empty stomach. This is an Initial Initiate into the process of developing a Strong Emotional Value and later on Advanced Courses to continue their Exploration of Deeper Emotional Values for liberating ourselves to reach and experience Joy beyond ONESELF.

It includes warm up physical exercises, mediation and KRIYA on EMOTIONS. It can be done by anybody above 21 years of age. Why 21 years because understanding EMOTIONS below that age to a large extent is incomplete as most of the youths grow up under parental guidance and they are influenced by them - plenty of conflicts arise.

This KRIYA has the ability to keep ones physical body fit, bring balance between the body and mind, increasing ones awareness, alertness, reciprocation and responses which has a sense of honesty and joy within and as the core energy of Emotions are exercised the Values get strengthened and it helps one to realize how much mental energy to be used and how Emotions should come into play to approach the issues on hand. A Strong Emotional Value adds to quick decision without losing one's anger over small things and after that one recovers his full ability to perform the same. That's way one has identified the purposes and the situations making LIFE TO LIVE WITHOUT ANGER AND FRUSTRATION THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE AT HOME AND WORK.

The sessions will commence from March 2015 All Announcement will be made on FACEBOOK.

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