About the Guruji

From the age of 17 going on learning and sharing the knowledge of life through struggle and experience enjoying everything that has crossed the path with the same zeal and enthusiasm as at 17 even at 65. The joy of the Trials and Turbulences has made it easier to share the Triumph of experience of life as a child who gets an unexpected gift as small as a smile from anybody - as a humble salutation to all elements of creativity.

"Just like the glow of the Flame which gives warmth and brightness around it irrespective of materials used to light and sustain it, always want to brighten and warm the minds and the hearts of all around me. That's my fervor intention and work to keep me going and my salutation to my creator."

The 47 odd years of various work experience in different fields are the real backdrop which would be the key to bring forth the best in mostly all situation. The philosophy and the work ethics developed over the years of Trials and Turbulences to understanding the failures and the pangs of being a successful entrepreneur and in the process training persons to suit the position and situation has been a great learning curve to understand the lows and highs of everyday situation of managing and to be Emotionally Ecstatic at the end of the Day with friends, family and foes and now at the peak of a very contentful happy- go- free- wheeling individual.

The Power of Prayers - that is being felt and experienced after 30 long years and in the few years of his being a mentor to a few has had a deep impact on the use of Spiritual Quotient in developing and implementing the Emotional Values. The Recitation of Mantra Yoga for hours every day has made him a Realized Teacher and "THE GURU" in Him has come out in the Open. Nowadays he is being addressed as 'GURUJI' by almost all his mentees and followers and that includes his Friends.. Now perfecting the implementation to launch a compact "KRIYA" which will Educate, Evaluate, Strengthen and Dedicate the Emotional Values on a day to day implementation in one's life.

The years of intensive experience in various fields of work on his own through hard and imaginative work during college days and getting all his education by his own abilities to pay his college fees and also for all the various leadership courses undergone and being involved in sports at an higher level of competition without the help of others and even his family from the age of 17 has made him bold enough to venture in any field of work and analyze the inputs and invent fresh energy has made him confident. During these years at the same time has mentored and trained many youngsters as a friend and guide to quite a few well to do youngster with their own business set up who wanted to be on their own.

Now with his own spiritual content being on an higher plane of SELF REALISATION has to be shared and spread and for this he has been asked by some of his mentees to be a GURU so that others will also learn how to face issues and failures and successes without dropping one's own self to a pitiable state and keep the spirit higher than even before.

According to him "Every action is based on Emotional value and Strength and for that the Core energy is the Spirit in oneself to bring the required result - either to enjoy or not to enjoy"

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