Like the natural world that surrounds it, the built environment is undergoing constant renewal. Quality housing is fundamental to the regeneration of our urban landscape, helping to bring new vitality to run-down areas and improve local economic, social and environmental conditions.
PECS has completed many residential and mixed use projects across India. Often covering the whole spectrum from luxury to affordable. These developments are the shape of things to come for progressive and sustainable inner city living.
We have expertise in providing sustainable and energy efficient designs. We have undertaken designs for major residential projects. In addition to this we have undertaken several design and build projects and offered extensive value engineering which offered both capital and operational cost savings.
Within our project portfolio we have been able to work closely with architects, structural engineers, interior decorators and builders to achieve sustainable designs with lower costs and maintenance.
For any of your residential projects, we are fully geared up to provide a full range of services to suit your requirements. Please find the spectrum of major projects that we have undertaken.