The FWH series fiter housings are suitable for flow rates upto 900 LPM using 10" to 40" cartridge filters. The flow capacity of the housings in standard series

3l0 FWH upto 110 LPM
610 FWH upto 220 LPM
320 FWH upto 220 LPM
620 FWH upto 440 LPM
330 FWH upto 330 LPM
630 FWH upto 660 LPM
340 FWH upto 440 LPM
640 FWH upto 880 LPM

The housing is made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and the housings have an internal lining. The inlet and outlet ports are located at the bottom cover and have BSP threading. The design provides for easy disassembling in order to clean and change the cartridge. The housings are suitable to accommodate double open ended (DOE) and 'O' Ring cartridge configurations.

While the housings are rated for working pressure of 10 kg/cm2 and tested upto 20 kg/cm2 , higher pressure rated ones too can be made in case of specific requirements. Suitable for temperature ranges upto 50°C. The externals are made of anodised aluminium or stainless steel. A provision for vent and pressure gauge has been provided.

1. A glass filter/epoxy bonded outer layers with food grade lining inside.
2. Test pressure upto 20 kg/cm2.
3. Available in tierod version or flanged version with bolt and nut.
4. All internal components are made of food grade compatible material.
5. The 3-element housings have 1" BSP connections and the 6-element ones have 2" BSP     connections for the inlet and outlet.
6. Both the inlet and outlet are from the bottom of housing.
7. A suitable pressure gauge port and vent port is provided on top of the flange.
8. It can accommodate standard 62 mm OD double open ended (DOE)
9. Optional 40 kg/cm2 housings can be made available.

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