HYDAX Suction Strainers are suitable for filtering hydraulic fluids, coolants, cutting fluids, lubricants and mineral oils and can function upto a maximum temperature of 90 deg C. They extend the life of the equipment and reduce breakdown by continuous filtering action, thereby protecting the pump and system components from damage due to clogging. The strainers can be reused after cleaning with petrol or similar fluids. The Suction Strainers:

  • come in a range of flows from 15 LPM (3 GPM) to 450 LPM (100 GPM) and thread sizes of ½" BSP to 3" BSP.
  • have a standard filtration of 149 microns.
  • construction consists of a stainless steel filtering media, supported by inner plated perforated sheet and affixed with epoxy bonding material to plastic/aluminium alloy/sheet metal top and bottom caps.
  • have a one-piece top cap head adaptor construction to avoid severing.
  • can withstand extremely low pressure drops.
  • can work upto a maximum temperature of 90 deg C.
  • are versatile to handle a wide variety of system fluids.

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