MODELS: GI MS PR - 2, GI MS PR - 3, GI MS PR - 4

HYDAX Gauge Isolator Valve - Multi Station is the first of it's kind anywhere. The two, three and four isolator valves are made from a single block and protect the pressure gauges from damage due to pressure surges, hydraulic shock and mechanical vibrations. The fluid is completely isolated from the gauges and connected directly to the gauge ports as long as the knob is kept pressed thereby giving instant and accurate readings on the gauges. On release of the knob, the spring-loaded valve closes automatically to connect the gauge ports to the tank by blocking the pressure port. An orifice in the gauge port acts as a partial snubber and protects the gauges from the initial surge of fluid when the knob is pressed. The Multi Station Gauge Isolator Valves:

  • have a 3000 PSI working pressure.
  • come with a guarantee of below 5cc/min. drain leakage in a new valve.
  • can work between temperatures of -34.44° C (-30° F) and 115.56° C (240° F).
  • are made from a high grade cast iron body.
  • require minimum force to operate.
  • have only one gauge and one drain line for all the ports thereby enabling easy plumbing into the system and reducing additional instrument costs.
  • have ¼" BSP port sizes and can be easily mounted on panels.
  • have all plumbing from the rear.
  • are tested 100% under rigid parameters.
  • meet most operating conditions.

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