MODELS: SGR 3, SGR 5, SGR 7, SGR 10, SGRT 3, SGRT 5, SGRT 7,                SGRT 10

HYDAX Fluid Level Gauge (SGR Series) can be used on any reservoir containing mineral and petroleum-based hydraulic fluid to indicate oil level. It is ideally suited to hydraulic reservoirs in industrial, marine and mobile equipment, gear boxes, lubrication oil tanks and crank cases. The Fluid Level Gauge:

  • is available in five sizes - 3", 5", 7", 10" and 14" between bolt centres.
  • Is of a new-age design with 'O' ring sealing.
  • has a sturdy and low profile outer case.
  • is ready for immediate installation; complete with attaching bolts.
  • requires only two mounting holes for installation.
  • should be installed on a smooth and level surface.
  • is made from high grade compound plastic (3", 5" and 7") and aluminium and sheet metal (10" and 14").
  • has all external metal parts plated and, or powdered coated.
  • has a large and clear sight area providing high visibility.
  • is available with optional temperature gauge.

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