MODELS: FB 700 TT 40, FB 250 TT 40 (TANK TOP)
               FB 700 SM 40, FB 250 SM 40 (SIDE MOUNTING)

HYDAX Filler Breathers are a combination unit for filtering air displacement to the reservoir and straining oil while filling. They are a must for hydraulic systems ensuring clean air passes into the reservoir, thus prolonging the life of the system components. When used as a crankcase ventilator, it helps to prolong the life of the engine oil and the oil filter. They are used in machine tool construction, mining, marine and agricultural equipments. The Filler Breather Assembly:

  • is available in Tank Top (TT) and Side Mounting (SM) options.
  • has displacement capacities of 250 LPM and 700 LPM.
  • has standard filtration of 40 microns.
  • displaces air from underneath the cap thereby improving performance.
  • is compatible with all fluids.
  • parts are powder coated and or made from high grade plastic ensuring non-corrosion.
  • has a Safety chain to prevent misplacement while filling oil or cleaning the filter.
  • is a ready to install package with fasteners and safety chain.
  • needs to be mounted on a flat and clean surface free of burrs to provide a good sealing surface.

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